Jon Cheplak Shares His Secrets on Business Development / 4 Hours of Hard Core Training 

LEAD YOUR TEAM TO NEW HEIGHTS!  In this 4-hour video series, Jon reveals the key pillars of success when growing your real estate team and business. If you missed this live event you don’t want to miss this video series.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, simply fill out the form and apply these concepts to your business right away! 


About Jon Cheplak

Jon Cheplak brings 20 plus years of practical, applied, and results measured experience to his focused and disciplined work serving brokers, owners, managers, recruiters, and agents in the real estate industry. For the past decade Jon Cheplak has focused on transferring his valuable experiences to leaders and agents, assisting them with all aspects of the industry, including; running a company, managing an office and day to day sales skills. His passion is to position leaders and agents as the most competent and relevant in the industry.